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Bonding (keo dán)

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Bonding (keo dán)
Bonding (keo dán)
Bonding (keo dán) Hình ảnh
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RxBond is a liquid prepolymer based on alcohol, consisting of an organic structure (Diurethane
Dimethacrylate, Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate) and additional substances (photoinitiatirs, inhibitors, catalysts)
which undergoes free radical polymerisation when activated by ultraviolet light at wavelengths between
400 nmand 500 nm.
RxBond is a dental adhesive system used to connect the hard tissues of the tooth to composite fillings,
to sealmarginal fissures, to offset polymerisation shrinkage, and to prepare surface restorations prior to
cementation with dual cure composite luting cements.
Do not use RxBond with patients with a known allergy to methacrylates.
Do not use RxBond in cases where a totally dry field cannot be achieved. Contamination with saliva, blood or
water inhibits the polymerisation process and can affect mechanical properties and marginal integrity. In case
of pulp sensitivity or deep cavities, it is recommended to use a glass ionomer or calcium hydroxide liners.
Do not use RxBond in contact with methoxy phenols (eugenol). These materials disrupt polymerisation.
In case of interrupted polymerisation, unpolymerised methacrylates can have an effect on some medicines.
Avoid contact of the unpolymerised composite with skin, eyes and soft tissues of the mouth. In case of
contact, rinse with plenty of water. In case of any symptoms consult a doctor, giving information about the
product. In case of allergy to methacrylates contained in the above mentioned composites stop using the
product. In case of late onset of allergic reaction remove the restoration. In the case of aspiration into the
respiratory tract, seek immediate medical attention.
In case of any contamination of the unpolymerised composite remove the layer. In the event of contamination
or mechanical damage to the layer that has already been polymerised gently etch its outer surface and
cure the bonding system of the composite (eg. RxBond) according to the polymerisation table. In the event
of insufficient polymerisation remove the incorrectly polymerised layer and replace with another, curing it
correctly. Keep RxBond away from naked flames. The material is flammable.
Store between 3-28˚C. It can be stored at low temperatures, but not lower than 3˚C. The product should be
brought back to room temperature before use. To avoid accidental polymerisation and evaporation of RxBond,
recap the bottle immediately after use.
For use by dentists and dental technicians only.
Keep out of reach of children.
Protect from heat and light.
Do not extend the cure time. This may cause overheating of the soft tissues in the mouth.
Do not use after the expiry date.
DENTAL LIFE SCIENCES will replace products that have proven to be defective or return the price of
purchase. DENTAL LIFE SCIENCES is not liable for any loss or damage caused by misuse or improper use
of the product

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