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Composite đặc - Anh Quốc

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Composite đặc - Anh Quốc
Composite đặc - Anh Quốc
Composite đặc - Anh Quốc Hình ảnh
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RxCreate is an exceptionally strong material for dental applications. A light cured composite with superiormechanical strength; it can be used with confidence that both temporary and permanent restorations will perform as the dentist intended.

Studies have confirmed exceptional durability. RxCreate is manufactured using a proprietory double mix technique; this prevents clustering of filler particles. Hence individual grains of filler are totally surrounded by resin, creating a homogenous mix. Large clusters of uncoated fillers are avoided leading to a composite with superior mechanical properties, which cannot be achieved with other materials.

This unique method of manufacture provides excellent optical characteristics, closely mimicking the refractive index of natural teeth whilst maintaining translucency and colour stability. The combination of modern photopolymerisation technology and proprietory mixing technique ensures less marginal leakage and sensitivity, whilst being very easy and comfortable to handle. RxCreate can also be used with dental fibre reinforcement systems, such as RxSelfShapedChords to build crown and bridges chair side. For final fixing of such restorations we recommend a dual cure cements such as RxCem. For clinical and laboratory use.


  • fibre reinforced restorations;
  • inlays and onlays;
  • Maryland and Boston bridges splints;
  • temporary crowns and bridges;
  • repair of composite and acrylic bridges and crowns.

How To Use

1. Measure (without removing the coverings) and cut the following fibres:

i. A main fibre cut to the length of your preparation from one side to the other

ii. A second auxiliary fibre, to match and support the main fibre along its entire length. Only use a second fibre if there is at least 1,5 mm above the second fibre for the outer layer of the composite.

2. Place first composite layer (at least 0,5 mm thick and not more than 5 mm long) onto the teeth and places of missing teeth.

3. Remove the protective light proof orange covering, only for the section that is to be polymerised.

4. Polymerise in sections no longer than 5 mm sequentially along the entire length of the prepared fibre so that the fibre and applied composite are cured at the same time. Do not apply composite to the adjacent teeth until necessary to prevent accidental polymerisation. Continue until the span is complete. Never attach fibres to polymerised composite. Always polymerise the fibre together with the composite.

5. For further layers, repeat the process, applying a layer of composite under the fibre, and polymerise together in 5 mm sections.

6. Model the bridge with RxCreate composite and complete the tooth aesthetics and occlusion.

7. For a natural look and colour matching the adjacent teeth, RxColourFlow, RxFlow, RxColourant and RxGlaze can be used.


Measure the length of the fibre to wrap around the tooth abutment with an overlap f about 2-3 mm. Cut the fibre and press into the composite, polymerise together in sections of no longer than 5 mm, until the two ends of the fibre wrap the tooth.

Shape the crown with RxCreate composite. For a natural look and colour matching the adjacent teeth, RxColourFlow, RxFlow, RxColourant and RxGlaze can be used.

Inlays / Onlays

Cut the required length of RxSelfShapedChordsfibre. Apply the first layer of the composite, no less than 0,5 mm thick at the bottom of the cavity. Place the fibre around mid-depth of the cavity. Place the fibre between the biggest cuspids of the crown. Model the inlay so that the chewing surface has a thickness of at least 2 mm above the fibre.


Clean, dry, etch and layer the tooth surfaces with a bonding system, such as RxBond. Measure and cut the appropriate length of fibre.

Start splinting either from the centre, from the most unsteady tooth or from the largest interdental gap.

Apply a thin layer of RxCreate composite to the first splinted tooth from one to the other interdental gap. Carefully push the fibre into the composite.

Cure in 5 mm sections. Repeat these steps until all the teeth for splinting are connected by fibre.

Then cover the splint with composite, smooth and polish.

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