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Etching Gel

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The set includes a syringe filled with ±2,6 g (2 ml) or ±6,5 g (5 ml)
or ±13 g(10 ml) of the substance in the form of gel + the RxEchgelAg
applicator tips.
Active substance: 36% o-phosphoric acid, a nanocolloid solution of
silver 5 ppm.
Etching enamel and dentine using RxEtchgelAgto increase adhesion
and retention of dental restorations prevents secondary caries.
It can be used for:
-  chemo- and light cured composites,
-  fissure sealing,
-  temporary or permanent stabilization of teeth,
-  permanent orthodontic appliances,
-  preparation of metal surfaces, composite and acrylic restorations
before using double cure luting cement.
On a carefully cleaned and dried surface apply a thin coat of gel.
Leave it for 30-60 sec. Then rinse with a strong stream of water. Dry
thoroughly until the enamel is matt-white. Repeat if the enamel is not
matt or if contamination with saliva occurs.
Do not etch for longer than 120 sec.
Avoid contact with skin, eyes and soft tissues of the mouth. In case of
contact, rinse with plenty of water. In case of any symptoms consult
a doctor, giving information about the product. In the case of aspiration
into the respiratory tract, seek immediate medical attention.
Store at 3-28° C. This product is intended for use only by dentists and
dental hygienists.
Keep out of the reach of children and unqualified persons.
After use, to prevent drying of the RxEtchgelAgin the tip, remove the
product from the applicator effectively by rectract the syringe plunger.
Use in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
Do not exceed the expiry date.
DENTAL LIFE SCIENCES will replace products that have proven to be
defective or return the price of purchase. DLS is not liable for any loss
or damage caused by misuse or improper use of the product.
Shelf life 3 years

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